Our Shoes

Our running shoes are currently in the making as of july in the current year. We wanted to make a quality product for everyone which is why it is taking so much time to produce.  The product will be released some time early of 2016 and we will be taking pre orders at the end of this year.

The bottom of the shoes will have a rubber coating that will help you protect your feet. This will prevent yourself from harsh blisters forming on your feet.


We want the shoes to be colorful like the ones above. Ideally the shoes will be four different colors but they will be color coordinated as well. It wont look silly like a lot of the shoes are.


Here is another picture that describes how colorful the shoes will be. It will involve a lot of different colors rather than just one bright color. These shoes will stand out more than the other shoes that are on the market.


So if you are in the market for running shoes that will help prevent blistering then I suggest you try out our shoes.  Check back on the site by the end of 2015 and we will have preordering up and ready for everyone that wants to get a pair of these awesome running shoes.